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For more than two decades Dr. Larry Nassar was the osteopathic physician for the U.S. women’s Olympic gymnastics team, as well as a physician at Michigan State University (MSU). During that time, he sexually abused hundreds of female athletes.

Based on years of research by producers Dr. Steven Ungerleider and David Ulich (Munich ‘72 and Beyond) and featuring brave testimonials from the athletes at the center of the story, director Erin Lee Carr’s (Mommy Dead and Dearest and the upcoming I Love You, Now Die) powerful documentary, At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, reveals a dangerous system that prioritized winning over everything else, including protecting young female athletes.

Through interviews with dozens of survivors, as well as coaches, lawyers and journalists, the film exposes an environment in which young women spent their youth competing for victory on a world stage, juxtaposed against a culture where abuse was hidden, and lives were forever damaged.


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Featuring exclusive interviews with survivors of the 2017 sexual abuse scandal, the documentary looks at the shocking stories of the gymnasts who made courageous efforts to reveal a dangerous system that prioritized winning over everything. At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal premieres May 3, 2019 at 8pm ET.

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In their own words, the women featured in the film speak out about where they find support, how they’ve healed and what they hope viewers take away from the film.



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With COURAGE FIRST, The Foundation for Global Sports Development will support youth-serving organizations and institutions in creating safe and abuse-free environments for children and teens.

Tour of screenings of At Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal began shortly after the HBO release and will continue at film festivals, universities, sporting events and community town halls across the U.S. and around the world. Upcoming stops include the New York Public Library, Brown University, Michigan State University, Jerusalem Cinematheque and the Women Sports Film Festival in San Francisco.  Speakers at select screenings will include producers, Dr. Ungerleider and Mr. Ulich; leading child abuse prevention partners; as well as COURAGE FIRST Survivor advocates Alexis Alvarado, Christina Barba, Larissa Boyce, Charmaine Carnes, Kat Ebert, Grace French, Denise Gallion Cervenka, Lyndsy Gamet, Trinea Gonczar, Megan Halicek, Louise Harder, Heather Kelly, Sabrina Mar, Emily Meinke, Emma Ann Miller, Danielle Moore, Jessica Ann Smith, Kristen Thelen, Amanda Thomashow, Melody van der Deen. 

Following select screenings, COURAGE FIRST will lead a presentation about the film's themes of child sex abuse in sports, what "grooming" looks like and the long-term trauma of sexual violence to help viewers connect the dots and take action in preventing child abuse in their own environments.  Furthermore, the program will include strategic discussion guides, roundtables and surveys.






UPCOMING screenings

11/6/19 Museum of Tolerance | Los Angeles, CA

11/7/19 Brigham Young University | Provo, UT

11/13/19 Brigham Young University | Provo, UT

11/13/19 University of Southern California | Los Angeles, CA

11/14/19 Brigham Young University | Provo, UT

11/17/19 Saint Mary’s College | Notre Dame, IN

12/7/19 Hamptons DocFest | Bridgehampton, NY

12/11/19 Montgomery Child Advocacy Project (MCAP) | Norristown, PA

1/15/20 Lipscomb University | Nashville, TN

1/28/20 Otterbein University | Westerville, OH

2/20/20 Pitzer College | Claremont, CA

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because the film features content that some may find triggering, hbo has offered resources that direct viewers where to turn and how to watch.

where to turn

For survivors struggling with their truth, or friends and family looking for more information, these resources are here to help.

how to watch

If you or a friend or family member have been impacted by child sex abuse, this film may be particularly difficult to view. Viewers who may be impacted are encouraged to make a personal care plan ahead of watching the broadcast.

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Aspen ideas festival 2019: at the heart of gold discussion

For more than two decades, Dr. Larry Nassar was the physician for the US women’s Olympic gymnastics team – and a serial sexual abuser who chalked up hundreds of victims. Director Erin Lee Carr’s powerful documentary, with its brave testimonials from athletes at the center of the story, reveals a dangerous system that prioritizes winning above all. Based on years of research and interviews with dozens of survivors, coaches, lawyers, and journalists, the film exposes the competitive environment in which world-class female athletes pursue victory, juxtaposed against a culture of hidden and life-damaging abuse. Two of the gymnasts featured in the film, and its producers, join a panel discussion following the screening.

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